Re: Science and Unemployment...
28 Jun 95 16:36:31 EST

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>>We have to work to get some food to eat. It's a good motivation. But our
>>allotted suffering and enjoyment comes and goes... You haven't stopped it.
>>So many doctors and hospitals haven't stopped disease. Scientific
>>advancement can't stop old age and death...
> It is certainly true that we do not live in an Utopia - but compared to
> the middle ages, we can at least expect our children to survive their youth.
> /Mats

Unless our children are black males in the city and Prohibition continues
in effect.

"Death by Gunshot - A Growing Business"

(Obj. connection to sci.astro. Prohibition causes violence -> fear of
violent crime contributes to light pollution. -> Light pollution wastes
resources and denys the soul contact with the heavens. Starved souls
and fear contributes to Prohibition. And on it goes.)