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> One more idea to kick around. If nothing can be both art and science at
> the same time, what is music? There are elements of composition and
> comprehension that are very methodical and measured - yet composition
> certainly makes use of intuition and artistic ballance. The field of
> musice searches for new ideas, greater comprehension, more knowledge of
> music, even as does the scientific community search for more
> information/understanding of our world. What exactly is the difference,
> again?
> okay, now how about astrology? Or is that what started this discussion?
> :) smiles,
> hilary

Hello Hilary!

You have wrote above few words and I wouldn't be able to say it more
clear! It's really true what you are telling about music. I'm practising
percussion, not professional, but many years, always together with some
friends, and I feel exactly what you say.

About astrology now...
Couldn't it be that astrology isn't only science or only art, never only a
language, how some people posted here last days - isn't astrology music?

In this relation I'm thinking about an idea: To give notes to the

Greetings... Horst

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