Re: Indo-European Studies

Virendra Verma (
6 JUL 95 09:00:51

In article <>, (Gerold Firl) writes...
>The vedas and upanishads appear to very explicitly
>demonstrate that aryans did invade india around, what, 1500bc?

Can you please give the references from the Vedas where they
demonstrate that so called aryans invaded India?

BTW, according to the Vedas, aryan is not even a race. It is referred
to someone who aspires for spiritual progress. In the Gita itself,
Krishna refers to Arjuna as aryaputra but never to the Kauravas,
although both are descendent of the same race.

No doubt, a little knowledge is always dangerous. A case in point -
the Indo-European studies.


-- Virendra Verma