Re: how to get a job in anthro?

TarlaStar (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 13:22:06 GMT (kate) wrote:

>i just graduated w/a BA in anthro, and am looking for a full time job in
>the field. My professors and department head are pretty unhelpful, and
>im starting to get the idea that in order to get paid youve got to have a
>doctorate. is this true? any hints out there on job openings or where
>to look? Im particularly interested in women's issues in 3rd workd
>coultries, but anything will do. thanks
> Kate

The problem with getting a job in anthro with only a B.A. is that you
have no area of specialty, no time to focus. Even with a M.A. it's
hard to find work in the field (except archaeology). You haven't been
specific as to what area of anthro you are interested in, which makes
it difficult to talk about particulars.

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