Re: Primitive living skills

Andrew Singer (
Wed, 28 Jun 1995 19:03:28 -0700

I know that it is getting increasingly difficult to say something
now-a-days without offending the P.C. world, but does anyone else get a
negative connotation from the word "primitive", especially when it refers
to people who are still alive, or people who still associate with that
way of life (whatever it might be). I know that primitive is used all
over the anthropology world...but isn't there a better way of refering to
a way of life than saying that it is primitive. I always associate
primitive with people that lived before modern H. sapiens...not with
modern people...I think it is somewhat insulting...but if I'm in the
minority I'll just shut up and mind my own business.


On Mon, 19 Jun 1995 wrote:

> A very informative"experimental Anthropology/Archaeology" book dealing with
> essentially Native American living skills is Primitive Wilderness living and
> survival skills by John and Geri McPherson,available from Prairie Wolf, pob 96
> ,Randolph,Kansas 66554.It covers construction of wikyup with stone tools,
> making stone,bone,and wood tools,sinew backed bow and arrows,Paiute deadfall
> traps, braintanning of buckskin and food preparation.It is not a book about
> Native Americans but about how they lived.These folks actually live this way to
> test their research.They also answer questions on all of these topics but are
> not on the net.They have been invited to various N.A.reservations and tribal
> lands over the last few years to teach.Anybody interested in learning more
> about what they have to offer can respond to me by e-mail,and i can supply more
> summer they are building a 21 foot dougout canoe with stone
> tools