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4 Jul 1995 18:26:07 -0600

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Mary Beth Williams <> wrote:
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>>Perhaps. I hope not. Why was she "disgusted," do you think?
>Well, initially it was for many of the reasons J. Moore (I think)
>mentioned...However, now my disgust has spread more generally, covering
>most sociobiological approaches... I think I'd sooner grovel at the
>altar of Dunnell than be forced to utilize an SB framework... Couldn't
>have imagined that anything could make selectionism look attractive in
>contrast... Egads...

Dr. Williams is apparently unaware that sociobiologists are working
within the adaptationist framework (i.e., she just contrasted
selectionism with selectionism, and found that selectionism looks good
vis a vis itself). Sigh.

>MB Williams