Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Hendrik Makaliwe (
Wed, 05 Jul 1995 03:01:19 +0100

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(Madhudvisah dasa Swami) wrote:

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> This material world is only a
> small part of the creation of God (about 1/4). The other 3/4 is the
> spiritual world...

Please Swami, enlighten us about these numbers.
What kind of wisdom did you use to arrive at those?
You even managed to put that "about" before "1/4". What's that suppose to
mean. Measurement errors? Quantum fluctuations?

> The defect of our Western culture is although people become frustrated
> with material life, they have no alternative to it. Our society doesn't
> provide a spiritual alternative. So people become frustrated and commit
> suicide -- because there is nothing left.

For once, there is some truth in your statement.


Hendrik Makaliwe