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Tue, 4 Jul 1995 15:56:21

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>> >>I have not said "technology is a bad thing". But I have questioned the
>> >>current direction. I have also said we can't, in reality improve the
>> >>"quality of life"... This is my most controversial statement because it
>> >>questions the basis of current western "civilization"...
>> All you nead to be happy is warmth, food, water and enough sleep even in
>> western civerlisation it is possibal to understand that. modern technology
>> just makes it easer to obtain those things and gives us time to worry about
>> other things. personaly i regard the lack of small pox epedemics, cholora,
>> polio ect as a great boost to my quality of life.

>Sorry, I absolutely, fundamentally disagree with this last statement; and I
>think this point is of crucial, central importance in today's society.

You can not be happy with out those things (or the expectation of them). If an
ocupation is so important to happenes why do the rich monopilise leasure? An
ocupation of some kind is essential to happenes but it does not have to be
anything productive. The only reason unemployment is a problem in a modern
Society is that those who are unemployed are denied if not the basics then the
means to do anything with there time other than sit around and get board

David Wright

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