Re: IQ and money, was Re: Stephen Gould proves that Africans are not black!

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1 Jul 1995 02:47:42 GMT

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
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: Lane Singer <> wrote:
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: >From: (Stephen Lajoie)
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: >> > (Mr. Nice Guy) writes:
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: >> >>But those in the top income level may have attained their level
: >> >>because they had high IQ levels, in that case it is only natural
: >> >>that their offspring have the higher IQ levels.
: >> >>
: >> >>They are rich because they are more intelligent.
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: >[Singer]
: >> >I can think of countless people I've met who are rich and stupid.
: >> >Not inherited wealth, either, though whether their stupidity
: >> >was inherited, I couldn't say.
: >
: >> Wow. You must be an interesting person. Do you walk around with
: >> an I.Q. test or "g" test in your pocket, and test everyone you meet?
: >
: >I don't believe I mentioned a word about "IQ" in my remark.

: You're right, you didn't. But I note the previous poster made a
: remark about the correlation of I.Q. score and income, to which
: you made the remark about how you met "countless people ... who
: are rich and stupid." Mr. Nice Guy can probably cite sources
: of the correlation. If he can't, I can. There is absolutely no
: way you can back up your claim of countless rich, stupid people,
: as you hold to yourself the definition of intelligent.

: >> Does everyone agree to your test? Has the Singer test been correlated to
: >> anything? Do you have objectivity?
: >
: >As much and as little objectivity as the next person. Are
: >we required to apply to Lajoie for permission to express
: >personal opinions?

: Ah! I made no mention of the need to ask me for permission to
: express your opinions. I simply pointed out that it is nothing
: more than an opinion, and not a very objective one at that.
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: Steve La Joie
Then there's all of us that are poor, but highly intelligent - we're too
busy having fun to get rich! :*).....