Boston/Providence volunteers: Native American magazine

Daniel B Bucher (
Tue, 4 Jul 1995 07:39:24 GMT

Hello, I am organizing a group of volunteers to help produce an audio
version of News from Native California.

NfNC is an important part of the resurgence of Native American culture
currently taking place in California. The magazine consists of about
64 pages, published four times a year. Articles are about arts,
language (written by UCB professor of Linguistics Leanne Hinton),
traditional skills and crafts, folklore, books, calendars of events,
political briefs and other news items.

The necessity of the audio version stems from the fact that some of
the magazine's intended audience are older persons, who find reading
difficult or impossible.

The magazine is a vital resource for California Indian peoples.
The publishers, Berkeley-based Heyday Books, have been instrumental
over the years in bringing the cultures of California Indians back to
their peoples and out into the world.

This is a chance to be a part of an exciting rebirth of culture. One
of the programs supported by NfNC/Heyday which I, as a student of
language, personally find most fascinating is the Master/Apprentice
Language Learning Program, in which a native speaker (usually elderly)
spends time with a younger tribe member who has never learned their
language in order to instruct the younger.

Ideally I would like to gather about 7 other people to do this. That way
each person would only need to read 8 pages every couple of months.
that could easily be done in a couple of hours. The only requirements
I make are that you be able to read out loud clearly, and that
you be COMMITTED! this is too important to be flakey about.

Thank you very much. You may send e-mail to if you
are interested. When I get some people together I will set up a meeting.

Thanks again
Daniel Bucher