Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Paul Johnson (
4 Jul 1995 09:39:34 GMT

C. Cagle ( wrote:

> Kevin, you missed the point. The volcanic moon *was* an accepted
> 'scientific' theory at one point. Untrue in light of today's knowledge
> but nevertheless accepted at the time.

No, you missed the point. The theory was consistent with the
available evidence. Scientists never claim to be right 100% of the
time (unlike religionists).

> Don't you consider 2000 scientists living off of 250 million tax dollars a
> year for the past 40 years at PPPL a welfare state? They are not close to
> breakeven in fusion research and suspect it will be at least another 40 or
> 50 years if then. They are all WELFARE QUEENS IN WHITE COATS! Get it?

Wrong again. Scientists are contributing to the wealth of society.
Or are you going to boycott all products of science for the last
several hundred years? If so, I'll come and visit you in your mud hut
some time.


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