Re: If god exists, what created god?

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3 Jul 1995 12:05 CDT

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>>>=>Yeah, God always existed. There was never a point at which he
>>>=>exist. That's eternity... and if we can't understand that, we
>>>=>can't prove that he exists. We must have faith.
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>>>Because if we don't, then we won't uncritically accept all the
>>>of the folks who claim to speak on behalf of god. It's one of the
>>>successful classes of scams in history.
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>>I have faith that there is no mystical being ruling all eternity. I
>>place my faith in the future of humanity once it realizes what a waste
>>organized religions are and everyone starts working together to
>>By the way, I hoped to be able to discuss this in the Atheist
>>but found that it was a shambles due to the invasion of Christian
>>Fundamentalists who are trying to convert everyone! Rather than
>>them to just go away and form their own board, mostly everyone is
>>pointlessly arguing. It's incredible.
>> Mickey
>I was just going through this newgroup to see what was being discussed
>due to my interest in Indian culture and religion. To my surprise I
>found the above posting which was supposed to be seen only in the
>Atheism newsgroup. I apologise for whoever is responsible for sending
>it here.
> Mickey
Not True,

I am of Indian Culture and am interested in discussing the existance of God.
and am responsible for it being in Kerala groups (if no one else wants to be
responsible for it being in Kerala Groups. Though there might be others who are
responsible also.)

And I do believe in the existance of God, and as I stated before it is a
matter of Faith. If there was proof I would be posting it and you would all be
Christians now. Jesus said "I am the way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes
to the Father except by me." This is only part of the preaching and Teaching of
Jesus Christ and I could never do justice to full the teaching by any posting.
So, I will recommenend the Holy Bible for reading and understanding the full
teaching of Jesus.

Shalom in Jesus' Love,

Sam Chacko