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>>>I have not said "technology is a bad thing". But I have questioned the
>>>current direction. I have also said we can't, in reality improve the
>>>"quality of life"... This is my most controversial statement because it
>>>questions the basis of current western "civilization"...

>>All you nead to be happy is warmth, food, water and enough sleep even in
>>western civerlisation it is possibal to understand that. modern technology
>>just makes it easer to obtain those things and gives us time to worry about
>>other things. personaly i regard the lack of small pox epedemics, cholora,
>>polio ect as a great boost to my quality of life.

>Yes. But we have AIDS, cancer, heart attacks and stress-related problems
>to make up for it...

we have always had cancer, heart attacks and stress (not being sure where the
next meal is coming from is very stressful) these things are only regarded as
big problems because we do not expect to die of the big killers of previous
times. AIDS has proberbly been around for several hudred years for HIV 1 and
longer for HIV 2 according to some studies of it's spread and origins. If you
think pepole are not living longer and genraly less stresed lives take a look
at any graveyard that is more than 100 years old and see the number of 18-30
year olds buried in the last century people of that age just don't die like
that now and in those numbers.

David Wright

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