Re: Science and Unemployment...

Sandra Russell (
30 Jun 1995 18:09:47 GMT

(peter lucey) writes (quoting the latest "swami"):

>: The villagers have land, cows and bulls. They milk the cows, plow the
>: fields and transport the produce with the bulls, and they grow food
>: and vegetables on the land. They make simple but comfortable
>: from readily available ingredients: bamboo, mud, cow-dung, and so on.
>: Everything is clean and civilized. They are cooking very nice food
>: the produce of the land and the milk from the cows and their lives
>: full and happy. Although they are busy working the land, cooking,
>: cleaning, bring water from the well, washing cloths, etc., still
they are
>: nowhere near as busy as we are in the Western world. They have time
>: think and time to serve God. When I saw this I was amazed.

Comment: I think this guy must be from Mars. The people he's talking
about are those who travel to the slums of Bombay and Calcutta and wind
up on the streets, because they were starving, or couldn't make enough
money to pay rent, on the land in the villages. If life was better in
the villages of India, people in the cities who came from the villages
would simply go back, not being stupid. But they do not. So what's
wrong with this picture?

I'm willing to bet this guy has never really been to India. He saw a
Krishna documentary somewhere and now thinks it's a real recovered
memory. Ask for his travel itinerary. Where was this Shangi-La?

Steve Harris