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NE>In article <3rteh6$>, Superfly <superfly> wrote:
NE>>Can anyone help me out with the Chiapas revolt of Jan. 1994?
NE>> Re: the peasant revolt;
NE>>if they rarely succeed how is this revolt different or is it?

NE>A reliable source (and friend) observed that the rebels are better armed
NE>than most Latin American rebels. Usually, one sees AK-47s or old M-16s
NE>(sold by Viet Nam) in such uprisings; these guys had amongst their
NE>arsenal *Israeli* weapons! Not sure what that means.


Not sure? It's seems quite clear to me that the lost tribe of Israel
has been found. <g>

Sorry; couldn't resist.

€ OLX 2.1 TD € LOGIC??!! Is that a new flavor of yogurt, or what?