Ape/Pre-Civilization-Human Diets

3 Jul 1995 02:02:15 GMT

In conjunction with my own interest in improving the human diet
I am looking for some information that I feel may give me some
helpful clues. Specifically, I am looking for information about
the self-selected diets of pre-civilization humans and about the
self-selected diets (today) of those species of monkey/ape that
are close to man on the evolutionary tree, so to speak. In other
words, if you found some apes (or pre-civilization humans) in
their natural environment and hung around with them at the dinner
table for a while, what foods would they be eating? How much of
their diet would come from protein/fat/carbohydrate, etc...
What would be the average caloric intake per day? How would they
provide for an adaquate supply of all of the necessary nutrients
on a regular basis?