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30 Jun 1995 12:07:33 +0200

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>> Perhaps not, but it really should, since it's a widespread mythology among
>> one culture - our culture. A few thousand years into the future, when
>> our culture may have been replaced by some other culture and they are
>> excavating our remnants to try to figure out how we lived, they'll
>> definitely consider our astrology to be anthropology.
> Why they should do that?

For the same reason that we consider extinct religions to be anthropology.

>> Bzzzzt -- wrong! Something cannot be both an art and a science. If our
> Oh, oh! Paul! Surely something can be both - art AND science.
> You had come up with the example of metallurgy.

My example showed how metallurgy evolved from an art to a science. Except
for a brief transition period, it never was both at the same time.

> There are some ancient swords and knifes of the Ninja culture, very old,
> and the seientists of metallurgy from today couldn't find out the secret
> of making this steel till today. That's the science...

And how do you know that was science and not art to the ninja's ??

> This pieces are so beauty and well-formed, that it is really art - great art.

That's SOMETHING ELSE -- don't confuse the two!

Making a high-quality metal is one thing -- shaping this metal into
aesthetically pleasing shapes is a completely different thing.

> Another example: I'm painting in oil and I have read few books about oil-
> painting - to paint well, you need the science (or your pictures will
> loose their colours and they will not getting older than 50 years)

WHAT science?

> Astrology is no exception. I like this statement of xxxxx, Astrology is
> science and art. It's the first time that I feel intuitive, that a
> statement about the subject "science and Astrology" is true.

It appears that you like to confuse matters. Maybe that can appear
stimulating to the mind, but it's not an accurate description of

> We need the science to find the positions of the planets and stars,

Yep! Astrology needs astronomy, but astronomy has no need for astrology...

>> produce any real accomplishments. There are many sciences only a
>> few decades old that has accomplished much more than astrology has
>> during all those milennia!
> And these sciences had been able to destroy the whole earth in that few
> decades. If this is all the science - very poor and really no art!

Any powerful tool can, if misused, cause horrible things to happen.

> Astrology didn't do that in milleniums.

That's because astrology lacks that power, it's not because
astrologers are any better people than others. Krafft, Adolph
Hitler's astrologer, would surely have used astrology for destructive
purposes if astrology had such powers.

>> entertainment, sometimes a good way to get in touch with new people.
> I know a lot of that poor people. They walk around and they cannot find a
> way, to talk with other people. And their last possibility is then to come
> and say: hey, I know something about astrology. You like to do a reading.
> And so on. They are not far from these guys, who encourage little children
> with sweets.

And they contribute a lot to the image of astrology.....




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