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>> As someone whose family originated in Luddendon Foot, I should point out
>> that the early Luddites were not anti-technology for its own sake, but
>> because they were losing their jobs - that is, it was an early form of
>> Trade Union militancy.
> You seem to be implying that the Luddites got their name from your
> ancestral home. One of my dictionaries (Webster's New World Dictionary of
> the American Language; College Edition (1968)) gives the etymology as
> "said to be after Ned Lud, feebleminded man who smashed two frames
> belonging to a Leicester employer (c. 1779)"
> What's the scoop? Is there a link between the place name and the man's name?

Yes, Ned Lud - if he even existed and isn't just folklore - probably
came from Luddendon. Even if the story is true, that doesn't mean that
the Luddites in general were anti-technology for its own sake.

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