Re: Where to study Material Culture?

Kagillogly (
30 Jun 1995 02:53:42 -0400

Hi, Adam:
When I was still actively taking classes in the Dept. of Anthropology at
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, I found that the archaeologists were
very good on these issues. It may not be the main focus of their work,
but they certainly touch on it. I took a seminar from Pierre LeMonier
(spelling? it was a longish time ago). He's French, but I'm not sure
what research institute he was associated with. Look for his stuff, and
if I ever find my copies of his articles (I've only recently returned to
the US), I'll try to send the refs on to you.
But do contact the Anthro Dept at UMich, Ann Arbor. There are some very
interesting people there; they don't have to be doing precisely what
you're doing, but if they think and analyse in ways you like, then that's
all you really need!
Also, my introduction to Bourdieu, Giddens, praxis, etc., was through a
wonderful researcher/archaeologist at the University of Hawaii. His name
is Matthew Spriggs. I think he may now be at ANU (Australian National).
He got his degree from Cambridge (???) Do try to find him. He does
wonderful stuff with material culture.
Good luck on your great intellectual adventure!