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Matthew Scott (
30 Jun 1995 14:38:32 GMT

lucey@PROBLEM_WITH_INEWS_GATEWAY_FILE (peter lucey) writes:

>And it just so happens there is a convenient solution for all these
>worries. Switch off the rational thought and follow the messiah.

it is not possible to switch rational thought off and follow the
messiah at the same time. It might be possible to switch of rationalizing
and follow the messiah at the same time. Are you sure you know what it
means to follow the messiah? I'll attempt to fill you in on a little.
Following the messiah is not identical to following church leaders. It
is not even identical to believing in the messiah. Some kid born in
africa who doesn't know a thing about the messiah can still follow him
to a large degree just by practicing the self control required to do what
he feels is right. Following the messiah means acting in a similar manner
to that of the messiah. ...(and getting to know him) The messiah did not switch
off rational thought. His teachings were some of the most intelligent teachings
man has ever encountered. They leave less significant literary successes like
shakespeares in the dust, and if everyone would really "follow the messiah",
this world would truly be heavenly. Unfortunately, following the messiah is
quite difficult. And People that spread doubts on his name don't help any.
I would agree with you on one point though, it is foolish to turn
rational thinking off. It's just as good not to believe in God at all as
it is to believe in some irrational, distorted picture of him. Go ahead
and continue disbelieving, until your rational mind ( and perhaps other
parts of your mind) receive a fresh beam of sunshine, and you understand.

i guess this is far away from the original theme. You need not feel
obliged to post a resonse. I think it could lead to misusing new-theories
...unless you would like to discuss the relationship between God and the
physical universe.

christian ....(non orhodox).... and proud of it!