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>You can't detect consciousness? It is not at all difficult. You can see
>consciousness, life, you can detect it. AND YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN IT either...

Irrelevant assertion...

>The only logical explanation is consciousness is a symptom of something
>that leaves the body at death... That something is the soul...

...followed by unsupported assertion.


>>As for the rest, here's a quote I came across:
>>"The mistake is often made that science explains, or endeavors to explain,
>>phenomena. But that is the business of philosophy. The task science
>>attempts is the simpler one of the correlation of natural phenomena, and
>>in this effort leaves the ultimate problems of metaphysics untouched."
>> Dr. H, Stanley Redgrove

>How can you explain the "natural phenomena" without considering life? It's
>something like looking under the bonnet of your car to try and find out
>why it drives to your office every morning...


Damn! So *that's* why Indycars burn methanol!

>Thank you. Hare Krishna!

You're welcome. Go forth and divide.

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