Re: IQ and money, was Re: Stephen Gould proves that Africans are not black!

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Thu, 29 Jun 1995 01:29:06 GMT

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Lane Singer <> wrote:
>From: (Stephen Lajoie)
>> > (Mr. Nice Guy) writes:
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>> >>But those in the top income level may have attained their level
>> >>because they had high IQ levels, in that case it is only natural
>> >>that their offspring have the higher IQ levels.
>> >>
>> >>They are rich because they are more intelligent.
>> >I can think of countless people I've met who are rich and stupid.
>> >Not inherited wealth, either, though whether their stupidity
>> >was inherited, I couldn't say.
>> Wow. You must be an interesting person. Do you walk around with
>> an I.Q. test or "g" test in your pocket, and test everyone you meet?
>I don't believe I mentioned a word about "IQ" in my remark.

You're right, you didn't. But I note the previous poster made a
remark about the correlation of I.Q. score and income, to which
you made the remark about how you met "countless people ... who
are rich and stupid." Mr. Nice Guy can probably cite sources
of the correlation. If he can't, I can. There is absolutely no
way you can back up your claim of countless rich, stupid people,
as you hold to yourself the definition of intelligent.

>> Does everyone agree to your test? Has the Singer test been correlated to
>> anything? Do you have objectivity?
>As much and as little objectivity as the next person. Are
>we required to apply to Lajoie for permission to express
>personal opinions?

Ah! I made no mention of the need to ask me for permission to
express your opinions. I simply pointed out that it is nothing
more than an opinion, and not a very objective one at that.

Steve La Joie