Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Al Fargnoli (
30 Jun 1995 21:50:47 GMT

In article <3sc148$>,
Kevin Sterner <> wrote:
>In article <3sapbs$>, (David Smyth) writes:
>> I just know the physicists are going to tell me what I just said is
>> incorrect - and they are right according to General Relativity. The
>> pendulum would rotate due to gravitational effects of the rest of the
>> rotating universe if the earth was stationary. My apologies to
>> the Swami (even if I still think he did fall out of a very tall tree).
>Nope, it can't work that way. You were right the first time. If you were

[Kevin's nonsense snipped.]

David Smyth is correct. Kevin doesn't understand General Relativity.

Note follow-ups.

Al Fargnoli