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29 Jun 1995 16:42:59 GMT

Madhudvisah dasa Swami ( wrote:

[much 'the world is doomed' stuff deleted]
(I've come to this a bit late; sorry.)

I've heard this argument from Hubbard to Jim Jones to the TV evangelists.

"Life stinks, the apocalypse is coming, Super Rat is unconquerable,
the seas are filthy, unhappiness is unavoidable, ..." etc. etc.

And it just so happens there is a convenient solution for all these
worries. Switch off the rational thought and follow the messiah.

: You [the scientists (BTW I was a computer systems analyst before so I did
: a fair share of it myself too)] are forcing them into poverty and
: oppression by taking away their jobs. Not many people want to be
: unemployed. Mostly they are ready to work at something, but many people
: are not super-intelligent, they are suited to manual laboring, farm work,
: etc... But where are the jobs for them now... You have the tractors and
: the computers doing it... It may be very economical but it's destroying
: the society...

I love that:

'they are suited to manual laboring'

Could you name these people? And they, or their children, had better
not look for anything better, eh?

: Thank you. Hare Krishna!

You're welcome.

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Yep, don't forget the (c). This is getting worse than Scientology -:).


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