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>> >'Science' (to which you seem irrationally opposed) is simply the pursuit
>> >of deeper understanding of nature through observation and hypothesis-
>> >testing.
>> "Science" is the natural quest of knowledge by man. I am not opposed to
>> it. It is quite natural. I am opposed to the efforts of some of the
>> scientists who are using science to try and prove there is no God... I
>> know there are many scientists who believe in God... But science is the
>> "religion" of the athiests... I am opposed to the idea that science
>> generally won't consider the possibility of the existence of the soul, a
>> spiritual force whose symptom is consciousness. I'm not suggesting
>> everyone has to "believe" in the soul, but just that such a theory is
>> valid and should be considered. I am also opposed to the fact that science
>> tends to be hostile toward theories that include God... I propose one can
>> state a scientific theory that includes the acceptance of God and the
>> eternal spirit soul and such scientific theories should be considered,
>> scientifically, on their merit, alongside any other scientific theory...

>"Science" "generally won't consider the possibility of the existence of
>the soul" because nobody has found anything which can be detected or

You can't detect consciousness? It is not at all difficult. You can see
consciousness, life, you can detect it. AND YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN IT either...

The only logical explanation is consciousness is a symptom of something
that leaves the body at death... That something is the soul...


>As for the rest, here's a quote I came across:
>"The mistake is often made that science explains, or endeavors to explain,
>phenomena. But that is the business of philosophy. The task science
>attempts is the simpler one of the correlation of natural phenomena, and
>in this effort leaves the ultimate problems of metaphysics untouched."
> Dr. H, Stanley Redgrove

How can you explain the "natural phenomena" without considering life? It's
something like looking under the bonnet of your car to try and find out
why it drives to your office every morning...


Thank you. Hare Krishna!

Madhudvisah dasa Swami

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