Re: Science and Unemployment...

T. Joseph W. Lazio (
27 Jun 1995 12:33:01 GMT

>>>>> "MdS" == Madhudvisah dasa Swami <> writes:

MdS> There are so many issues in this... Firstly I would like to say I
MdS> am not against science... It's natural, we have questioning minds
MdS> so we want to discover and utilize the things around us to
MdS> improve our lives... We can't stop it...

MdS> (Andrew Christy) wrote:

>> Madhudvisah, you are (as usual, I'm afraid) talking out of the
>> wrong orifice.

MdS> It is a little strong perhaps, but the paradox is there, you
MdS> can't deny that. All the scientific advancements come with a cost
MdS> attached...

Sure, all advancement comes with a cost. I haven't heard anybody
deny that. I *have* heard a lot of people saying they think the cost
is far higher if we do *not* advance (i.e. remain like life was 100 or
1000 yrs. ago).

MdS> But science is working to make jobs easier as well.

No! Science works to understand the world in which we live. From
science, we may develop technologies which enable us to make life

Science != technology.

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