How to tarnish Andrew's HALO

Ed Conrad (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 00:13:40 GMT

Boy, is this place ( ever going to the dogs (and cats)!
To wit:

>> Matt Silberstein <> wrote:

>> Not too long ago (even in net terms) we all (or almost all) bid a
>> tearful good-by to our sainted Andrew. But recently we have had
>> evidence that St. Andrew (was the Phd. a promotion or demotion for a
>> saint?) is no longer gone but has returned. He is with us again to
>> bring enlightenment and understanding. Has he gained a status above
>> saint? Is he, dare I say it, now a cat?

>> >> Stephen Guerke (, added his
>> >> two cents' worth:

>> >> Or doth he aspire to the most noble and exalted position known.
>> >> that which was held by the deceased canine, Janitor?


Hey, Saint Andy, when are you finally going to come clean
and admit that, with all the manicuring you did to your spiffy-looking
web page concerning your testing of my specimen
of petrified bone, you stopped short of conducting the only
comparative test that REALLY matters: comparing its cell
structure with the cell sturcture of a world-class, world-acclaimed,
world-recognized specimen of PETRIFIED BONE?

It's one sure way of tarnishing your halo.