Re: Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease

Thunderdreamer (
28 Jan 1997 22:49:04 GMT

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> To return to the original subject, treating racism as a deisease:
> The idea of treating disagreement aws a disease is not at all
new. You
> can find it in the writings of the Inquisition, and the USSR routinly
> used insane asylumsas a way to deal with dissidents. It;s historically
> routine for the kind of people we call Poltically Correct today..

Let's see... I've forgotten what "Politically Correct" means... Please
help me remember...

It means taking the easy way out, right? Going with the flow, right?

I bet that standing up for what's 'politically incorrect' really takes a
lot of balls in your social circles, doesn't it? Or is 'politically
incorrect' really taking the easy way out?