Re: Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease
Tue, 28 Jan 97 16:06:51 GMT

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> So RACISTS like yourself stand with you foot firmly on someone's head
> and berate him because he has trouble getting off the ground.
> I happen to be "white" but you make me VERY ashamed of my "race"!
> There are few things more despicable that those who berate others for
> the misfortunes that THEY have inflicted upon them.
> If you like racism so much, why not immigrate to South Africa? Oops,
> too late! ;^)
> Places for those like you are disappearing fast. Try Serbia (but you
> might not like what's gonna happen to IT!)

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> > Perhaps current problems could be ameliorated by a lot less social welfare
> and
> > a lot more social responsibility.
Jim Barron <> wrote:
> Yes. Like racistists like you acknowledging their share of
> responsibility for the conditions you claim to deplore.
> Please keep this racist trash off I has no place
> here.

Firstly, my apologies for intruding into This was not my
intention and it is certainly not on the list of ng's to which the post I
replied was listed.

I am also concerned that you see my reply as racist. It was not intended to be
so. I am well aware of the history of slavery in the USA and have always
considered that it was wrong both morally and economically. To deprecate
slavery and it's aftermath does not however assist in finding
solutions to current problems.

The post to which I replied originated in the UK and I had assumed that the
situation referred to by previous contributors related to the UK. As I am sure
you are well aware the black population in the UK did not arrive there on slave
ships but as voluntary immigrants - in precisely the same way as the various
groups of voluntary immigrants arrived in the USA. I still feel that the
comparison was appropriate.

Your reference to South Africa as an home for racists is just a
touch out of date : ).

Regards, Mark