Re: Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease

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Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:09:12 -0500

Jim Barron wrote:
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> > > > hum, that's one way to put it. Now if anybody looked at the figures of
> > > > violent crimes committed by ethinic minorities as a % (percentage) of the
> > > > region ethic population, you would see that 'whites' commit much, much
> > > > less crime on average. Does this not seem to suggest that if black (or
> > > > other ethnic minorities) people are hated, then they have really brought
> > > > it on themselves.
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> > > See other post on 'causes of crime'. Blacks often live in more
> > > deprived areas where the 'cause' of crime is rife. Ie drugs, no
> > > money, feelings of despair etc etc.
> > > Perhaps you should compare figures between employed and unemployed
> > > ethnic minorities before you quote.--
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> > It seems to be received wisdom that crime is never caused by the actual
> > perpetrators but by the conditions in which they live. To suggest that poverty
> > and deprivation do not have a bearing on the cause of crime would be
> > impossible. However, to suggest that such are _the causes_ is facile and will
> > tend to militate against rather than assist in finding the answers.
> >
> > There are far too many examples of easily identifiable ethnic groups who have
> > settled in countries in which their cultures and appearance are at odds with
> > the local population and who have suffered, struggled and eventually succeeded
> > in making worthwhile lives for themselves and worthwhile contributions to their
> > new homes without criminal activity to the extent that plagues our modern
> > "ghetto" areas. Each wave of immigrants to the USA certainly made their own
> > contribution to crime but the vast majority - the overwhelming majority - made
> > work for themselves, struggled through two or three generations, educated their
> > children _in the culture of their new land_ , and were good citizens in every
> > sense of the word.
> >
> > IMHO the difference in the experience of these immigrant groups and that of the
> > current occupants of "the ghetto" is that no one was coming to bail them out,
> > no one was passing laws that would specifically favour them and they had
> > absolutely no doubt that they had to stand or fall by their own efforts.
> They were also a NON-random group comprised of those who had the health,
> resources, etc to be able to pick up and leave their old country and pay
> the considerable costs of going to a new one. And they were
> VOLUNTEERS, doing something they had CHOSEN to do. (This is NOT
> trivial. Fasting (a VOLUNTARY abstinance from eating) can be tolerate
> quite well for periods far longer than those which caused very serious
> damage and even death in those actually starving (thru no volition of
> their own). STRESS is the difference.
> In addition, the voluntary immigrants brought their INTACT culture with
> them
> We Americans systematicly destroyed the culture of the slaves that we
> forcibly brough into the country. And for generations we systematically
> destroyed their family units - seperating parents and children, husbands
> and wives, etc. at the whims of the owners.
> Even when we "freed" them from slavery it was more in NAME than fact.
> A hundred years later their schools were still GROSSLY substandard, they
> were not allowed to eat in the same restuarants, drink at the same water
> fountains, not even to wait in the same waiting rooms at the bus/train
> stations, etc. When they traveled they found (at least in the South)
> that there were virtually NO public restrooms available to them.
> So RACISTS like yourself stand with you foot firmly on someone's head
> and berate him because he has trouble getting off the ground.
> I happen to be "white" but you make me VERY ashamed of my "race"!
> There are few things more despicable that those who berate others for
> the misfortunes that THEY have inflicted upon them.
> The
> > easy "cop-out" of alcohol, if not drugs, was always there and some took it.
> > But, cohesive families, a strong sense of morality and the ability to make
> > provision for the future were the keys to success.
> >
> The "easy cop-out" here is racists like yourself blaming the victems of
> your racism for their misfortunes.
> If you like racism so much, why not immigrate to South Africa? Oops,
> too late! ;^)
> Places for those like you are disappearing fast. Try Serbia (but you
> might not like what's gonna happen to IT!)
> > Perhaps current problems could be ameliorated by a lot less social welfare and
> > a lot more social responsibility.
> Yes. Like racistists like you acknowledging their share of
> responsibility for the conditions you claim to deplore.
> Please keep this racist trash off I has no place
> here.
> > Regards, Mark

To return to the original subject, treating racism as a deisease:
The idea of treating disagreement aws a disease is not at all new. You
can find it in the writings of the Inquisition, and the USSR routinly
used insane asylumsas a way to deal with dissidents. It;s historically
routine for the kind of people we call Poltically Correct today..