Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Marc Line (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 08:11:21 +0000

On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, at 18:42:21, G. Mark Stewart cajoled electrons into
>Marc Line ( wrote:
>: On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, at 17:28:57, sh cajoled electrons into this
>: >No. Alarge erect penis is.
>: We seem to be into schoolboy anagrams again. Must be the holidays?
>I thought it was funny.

Only "funny?" I personally found it ill hairy arse!

>Note that the inclusion of a naughty word does not automatically make
>a comment either juvenile or an anagram.

Dear Young Man

I write on behalf of my faithful assistant Marc Line who, whilst quite
harmless, is known, at times, to be a "pompous jerk" and often has ideas
above his station.

Please don't misunderstand him here and excuse the typing errors in his
posting. What ended up rendered as "schoolboy" should rightly have read
"sh cool boy." Further, by "anagram", he meant to convey that he
considered sh's cool boy offering to be an item from a collection of (in
this case) writing which reflects the character of a person (cool boy).
"Ana" used in the nominal sense rather than in the adverbial.

He could not then resist the anagram, since, as any mechanistic Kaled
conveyance will tell you, "Resistance is useless!"*

As for the inclusion of a "naughty" word, I should, perhaps, explain his
position. He is not Captain James Cook. If a word is determined to
misbehave, even after serious and protracted admonition, he is inclined
to lenience. There is little to be gained from incarcerating the word
within the prison of Polynesian** custom or by making it stand in the
corner. After all, they are still very useful. In any case, a word
cannot be more naughty than "naughty!"

Your humbug servant

Mr. Byafew Minitz (Prof.) M.A. R.C.Li N.E.

* Unless, of course, it is ungainfully employed in the regulation of

** He may have been marooned on a desert island*** but he does try not
to let it colour his judgement!

*** Unlike a dessert island which is that true tropical paradise where
one is allowed to consume an endless selection of puddings without
having to eat**** one's meat.

**** Not to be confused with "beat" which means something completely