Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

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>response to Ron Kephart]:

>> Please do go. You're a moron.

>Good old Bobby. No point in marshalling a rational argument when just
>hurling epithets will do:

> "...[E]very spoiled juvenile, every intellectually sterile
> social activist, can be taken as an errant idealist only so
> long as no one makes it clear that he is merely foolish,
> that he is spoiled or sterile.

> "The same sort of rule holds with the liberal establishment:
> a man who dismisses policies which are stupid as merely
> stupid is far more dangerous than one who is erudite and
> verbose in opposition. A Buckley conservative, who uses long
> words and complex moral questions, factual corrections and
> respectful disagreement in his discussion with liberals
> (with a few exceptions) is far less dangerous than the old
> [George] Wallace, who called callousness callousness,
> stupidity stupidity." ("A Plague on Both Your Houses" [1976:
> Robert B. Luce, Inc.], pages 96-97)

>> [...deletia...]

>>You demand massive thrid world immigration into and
>>integration in ALL white majority countries and ONLY white majority

>So you say of anyone whose views you disagree with, Bobby... yet when
>asked to back up these accusations with facts, you grow deathly silent.
>Why, one might almost believe that you haven't any facts, aren't prepared
>(or inclined) to discuss the issues on a factual basis, and resort to
>these baseless allegations out of desperation...


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Or that he is simply a troll, and this is the only way he knows how to get
attention. Just ignore him. He'll hate that.

Michelle Malkin

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