Re: Irrational Biological Classifications

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Tue, 28 Jan 1997 05:21:25 GMT

"Andre Miga" <> wrote:

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>> "Andre Miga" <> wrote:
>> >Why do not believe that human races differ also not
>> >only by looks but also by mental properties?
>> You didn't state in your original premise that different dogs have
>> different mental capabilities. Just where are you extrapolating your
>> thought from?

>Let me complete my original premise:
>Different dog races differ in mental capabilities.

But many different dog groups have comparable intellect. If there
were as many diverse groups of people as there are dogs, you might
have a better leg to stand on.

>> >Did you see a famous black mathematician?
>> You mean like Benjamin Banneker?

>I have never heard how great he is.
>That is my fault.
>Is he 100% black or just few?

He was 100%, a non-slave. Check the history on him; you'll be amazed.