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Noel Dickover (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 03:44:35 -0500

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> I will be graduating with my BA in anthro this coming June, and I am
> curious about the sorts of jobs that can be had with my degree. I have a deep
> interest in physical anthro, particularly in evolution, and also in North
> American pre-history. I have a list of job titles from my anthro department,
> but it isn't terribly helpful. So if anyone has any suggestions, I would truly
> appreciate a push in the right direction!
> Thanks ever so much,
> Allison

Greetings Allison.

I too graduated with a BA in anthropology, but was put off enough by my
choices that I went on to get an MS in Cybernetics. BTW, these fields
are very related, as any reading of Margaret Mead or Gregory Bateson will
suggest. Just from my own experience, I have found that there's a real
need out in the business community from people with an anthropologist's
perspective. Too often people in modern business organizations get too
caught up in the day to day affairs to have any understanding of the big
picture. Anthropology (and cybernetics) teaches you to look at the world
from a unique, larger perspective.

Unfortunately, most anthropology programs barely focus on this
possibility, and are more concerned with studying dying esoteric cultures
(usually with exotic locations to do their PhD work at) than in looking
at ways they could assist our own. I've tried about three or four times
over the last year or so to generate conversation on a business
anthropology level, but it looks like nobody's having that here. I think
that as long as the anthropological community neglects this very
important area of study, which they are uniquely able to provide
important insights on, they will be doing themselves and others a great
disservice. Its not a far stretch to see anthropology become
marginalized in the same way that other percieved non-applicable degrees
such as philosophy and political theory have become.

Anyways, now that my personal gripe is off the table, in business, I
think if you state you are interested in cultural change type issues, you
could get into an entry level organizational business analyst role, with
the possibility of eventually working inot an orgnizational change
consultant or a group facilitator role (this would require additional
training). You could also start off as HR support in a larger company,
or an entry level research role. With all of these, something you bring
to the table whether you know it or not, is a key ingredient in
understanding how changes in information technology will affect the
workplace at the local level. This is a very valuable and important


Noel Dickover
Business Unit Leader - Organizational Change