Re: Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease

Maria Wardale (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 16:14:56 GMT

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> Extend to good persons from an regional ethenic minority
> : lived in became infested with bad (almost 100% colored) people.
> : They were right and welcomed into new neighborhoods.
> : Then other good, and less good, and bad blacks and other colored
> : followed. So after few years the good black people decided to
> : move to another good (almost 100% white) neighborhoods for the
> : same reasons they have done it before leaving behind bad
> : neighborhoods.

> hum, that's one way to put it. Now if anybody looked at the figures of
> violent crimes committed by ethinic minorities as a % (percentage) of the
> region ethic population, you would see that 'whites' commit much, much
> less crime on average. Does this not seem to suggest that if black (or
> other ethnic minorities) people are hated, then they have really brought
> it on themselves.

See other post on 'causes of crime'. Blacks often live in more
deprived areas where the 'cause' of crime is rife. Ie drugs, no
money, feelings of despair etc etc.
Perhaps you should compare figures between employed and unemployed
ethnic minorities before you quote.

> Secondly, for my believes, I am _not_ against coloured people. I may not
> trust them until I have gotten to know them (but then I do the same with
> 'whites') However, once I have gotten to know them, I think of them no
> differently (apart from perhaps their questionable music taste :-) ) than
> my other 'white' friends.


Hmm. Doesn't sound like it.