Re: Aquatic Ape Theory

john paul krehbiel (
26 Jan 1997 08:04:54 GMT

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: ckank@avatar.NoSubdomain.NoDomain (Christopher Kankel) writes:

: Bonobos, who are our closest ape relatives, also engage in ventral-ventral
: copulation. In our case, it is more likely to be a behavior derived from
: limited vaginal migration during maturation, a neotenous feature common
: to both bonobos and humans.

It is my understanding that bonobos and common chimps diverged more recently
than the divergence between humans and chimps (though not by much). This
would mean that we are equally related to bonobos and common chimps.

Neoteny has been invoked as an explanation for a lot of the differences
between humans and other apes. Similarities between humans and bonobos
(as opposed to common chimps) would be explained by the sharing of this
common developmental theme, not by a closer relationship with one or
the other.

Just my two cents, I could easily be wrong. (I frequently am!)


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