Re: Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease

Andre Miga (
26 Jan 1997 02:27:05 GMT

Andre Miga <> wrote in article
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> > Racist attitudes controlled by treating it as a disease
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> > Maybe a skilled brain surgeon could shed some light onto the "illness"
> > of racism. It must start, as most phobias do, with bad education, bad
> > parents,
> > ....or maybe just bad genes.
> > Alan J. Packer.
> Let me add:
> or, maybe observation of failing neighborhoods, costudents,
> coworkers, etc.

I have many PC friends who are outraged by and hate racism.
Yet it is natural for them to move out from colored neighborhood
once colored infest it over few years, send children to
white-only schools and fear blacks on the street.
I think they are just inconsequent and in fact racist.
All this racism and antiracism stuff suggests to me one thing:
Races differ, yet you have to see an individual to judge just
that single one.
Yet here is another problem I have noticed:
Good blacks move into good neighborhoods, since the ones they
lived in became infested with bad (almost 100% colored) people.
They were right and welcomed into new neighborhoods.
Then other good, and less good, and bad blacks and other colored
followed. So after few years the good black people decided to
move to another good (almost 100% white) neighborhoods for the
same reasons they have done it before leaving behind bad