Re: Easy Money on the NET

Darren (s1330492@dspower)
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 19:15:45 -0500

The following concept of making money with your computer essentially began
in the US and has now spread throughout the Western World. It is perhaps
unique inasmuch as there's no risk - people from all over the world are
currently participating and those that follow the initial concept are
earning quite reasonable amounts of useful cash.
Read the following carefully and you too could be joining the many
thousands of Internet users who are currently earning quite reasonable sums
of money with a few hours work using their computers via the Internet!
This posting has been appearing for quite some time and has now literally
got thousands of people actively involved. No doubt like me, you may have
seen it before and become a little confused by the way it's been explained.
However, I personally have never believed in a so called "Free lunch" and
have always worked hard to support my family. But this idea is so simple
involving only a modest $5.00 investment that I simply had to try it. At
first, it took me quite a while to figure it out - my first impressions
led me to believe that there must be some organization behind it.
But this isn't so, you only have to look at the various postings to
realize this; the thousands of postings that are made all carry
different names and addresses. So with so many people involved I became
convinced that with this particular program I too could benefit.
Although many of the postings have been modified the basic principal
remains the same, in my opinion the only problem has been the way the
initial concept has been repeatedly changed.
With this in mind I have set out to explain what I consider to be a
clearer version, in the hope there is no doubt in people's minds that it's
fully understood. Because believe me, this system does work!
Essential Information to Assist Your Success!!

These articles have been modified over and over again, and embody
over exaggerated claims of vast earnings. While this cannot be disputed
it is essential in order to receive the attention of those who read it
to post an article that gives out the right signals to the recipient.
I believe this article does just that, it's not full of unnecessary $$$
signs, neither does it contain ridiculous claims which only puts
people off. If you want to get started right away, simply amend the
address section by removing the top location and place your own
name and address at the bottom.
In general, these postings lead you to believe you can make $50,000 within
a month, which I think is a little over the top.
But now after only a few day's of my initial involvement, I'm beginning to
get a reasonable and realistic return with a further understanding of just
how big this concept is. The money is coming in from all over the world,
and sure comes in useful but what's more important is the fact I have
proved this to be a totally workable and legitimate system, involving no
risk and no major cash outlay.
My other concern was the legal aspect, so I checked this through and was
told that providing I mail one dollar to the person I am asking to put me
on their mailing list, I am in fact paying for a service. And that service
consists of using the Internet to advertise a business. So what is this
business? Well this business is to do with assembling a mailing list of
people who are interested in working from home using their computers to
generate an income.
Ok...if your interested there are three basic steps: All of which are
pretty simple. Think positive, after all, the people below became involved
just like you!
Obtain five sheets of paper with of course stamps and envelopes. Write
your full name and address on each sheet, with the words:
"Please place me on your mailing list" enclosing a one dollar bill and mail
to the following five addresses:

* A.Jons.
Gilfach House.
Blaenpennal. Aberystwyth. SY23 4TN

* Jeroen
Hoge Weg 446 2940
Hoevenen BELGIUM.

* KB
702 South Chapel
Louisville, Ohio 44641

2205Boston Rd. C-25
Wilbraham, MA. 01095

* Darren
1535 Alta Vista Dr., Apt 708
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1G 3N9
By mailing a one dollar bill to the above addresses you increase your
chances of success by 500%. Because these people when in receipt of
your Dollar will feel obligated and committed to recirculate the article
over and over again! And this is why the system is so successful.
So if after perhaps a week, you have not seen any sizable returns
on your initial investment, it could be that those people you sent
your Dollar's to have not yet received them.
And remember, this is a global concept requiring participation from
user's all over the world.
When you have mailed your message with the one dollar bill (Please do as
everyone else does by not including checks or money orders) to the above
people, go to the:
>From the addresses listed above, remove the top name and address and
insert your own at the bottom so you still have five names and addresses,
only this time your own is included.
This can be done by simply amending the address section and posting
this article without any alterations.
It's entirely up to you, I'm perfectly satisfied, but I had to wait almost
a week before finding out how successful it really was.
Up to that time I began thinking "How come there hasn't been any
response" but after a week dozens and then hundreds of letters began
arriving. And they are increasing as each day passes. I already have
$756.00 and at the rate the mail is arriving this soon will have doubled!
I don't doubt people have earned large sums of money, and suspect
the reason is due to the amount of postings made, so who knows
just what this money making venture is capable of. One thing is certain
it's certainly working for me!!!

The Internet is growing daily at a phenomenal rate, doubling once a year
perhaps you already know this. With millions of people surfing the Internet
and an estimated 100.000 users scanning the newsgroups of which there are
nearly 20.000. This exposure is the key factor and the reason why: You me
and all those who take part cannot fail not to be disappointed.
Just think about it, if you became interested in this article.....
why shouldn't thousands of others!
At first, I posted to nearly 250 newsgroups, but due to the response soon
increased this to 300, which brought in mail from Europe the Far east,
Australia and America. So with my first dozen replies I made $12.00. But to
simplify matters and keep the arithmetic easy, suppose I had posted to 200
newsgroups with my name at five and just had five replies which would have
meant I earned $5.00. The third and final step explains the concept.
And this is the reason why it's so simple yet successful for those keen to
participate and earn a realistic amount of cash.
In theory you make $5.00 for every two hundred postings with your name at
five. Each person who sent you a Dollar now also makes two hundred
postings with your name at four equating to $50.00. Your Fifty new agents
also make two hundred postings each with your name at three, say ten
thousand postings equating to $500.00. These five hundred agents again
make two hundred postings each with your name at two equating to $10.000
or one hundred thousand postings.
Finally, five thousand people once again make two hundred postings with
your name at one and this would equate to the mathematical statistic of
$50.000 before your name drops off the list. Which is pretty exciting and
mind boggling considering these figures are based on only two hundred
postings at a time being made down the line! Most people may think
these figures are ridiculous, but they do add up.
After all, they do say the success of the Internet is due to it's sheer
capacity of over 40 million user's, with thousands more joining every day!

Technically, you only need an average return of 2.5% from the 200
postings that each person makes in order to achieve these high figures.
So with the Internet comprising of 40 million user's the sky really is the
It's a never ending money making process because when your name finally
drops off the list, or indeed before if you really need the cash.
(And who doesn't) you simply access another newsgroup posting and begin
the process over again, placing your name at Five. Please remember to
upload this article to as many newsgroups, local bulletin boards, message
areas and file sections as possible. The financial rewards are guaranteed,
but as stated, the level of success depends upon your efforts! And how
much posting you do.


The above figures are for demonstration purposes only with the whole
concept and current success based upon the number of people participating.
And the number of newsgroups and file sections you post this article to.
Yes, it really depends on you the individual! How much money you want to
make rests in your hands. Accessing newsgroups is very easy considering
there are nearly 20.000 to choose from. Your success rate is determined by
the amount of newsgroups accessed, you must follow through and post this
article or your own to hundreds of newsgroups; maximize your postings
and you maximize your cash intake.


Make any necessary changes to this article as explained in step (2) and
when you're satisfied, save it as a .txt file and import it into the body
of your email or newsreader program. This way you only have to change the
name of the newsgroup or email address for each redistribution.

Valuable tip: And very important for those not too familiar with email:

By all means use a word processor to ensure the article is composed well,
but to ensure people that first read it via their newsreader program see
it clearly laid out.
Re-format it with a simple text editor such as "notepad," or "WordPad" if
your using "Windows 95."
Providing the text is clearly visible and does not scroll into the right
margin, it should be ok!
Using this procedure essentially means the article will be correctly
displayed when viewed through other people's newsreader's. You can of
course check this out for yourself before going on line, by viewing it in
your own newsreader program.

Next, begin by locating the newsgroups you intend posting to, Netscape 3.0
or a similar newsreader is terrific for this, because you can highlight
dozens of newsgroups all at once, enabling you to distribute your article
to many 100's of locations in less than an hour or two.
Highlight all newsgroups you want to mail your letter to which as you know
is done by holding down CTRL while left clicking. This way you can select
multiple newsgroups in one go, choose perhaps a dozen each time. You will
then see all the newsgroups you highlighted displayed in the Newsgroups

Next: select/highlight your newsgroups, then click "To News" place a
sensible title in the "Subject" location, click on "Attachments" whereupon
another box appears.
Locate the file you are going to distribute, click on the file and then
click "Open" again click OK; provided you followed these instructions, you
should see your file greyed out in the "Attachments" box. Hit send... and
that's it.

Repeat the process over and over again by selecting further newsgroups
in multiples of 10's but try to be selective with the groups by posting to
high volume locations, and don't choose a subject that appears too flash,
this will only put people off. This is an honest and legitimate way of
making a reasonable amount of money, and making it on a regular basis. But
only if your message is sincere and clearly understood by others will you
PLEASE NOTE: This system is based on everyone being honest, but it's all
too tempting not to bother mailing out envelopes with dollar bills inside.
The success for all participating is dependent upon this taking place
and if carried out will mean a 500% increase on your article being
The system won't work to yours or indeed other people's advantage if you
don't follow the procedure. You can however, if you wish to remain
anonymous use a pseudonym - but please ensure your address is correct.
AS A FINAL NOTE: Many business ideas for making money, no matter
how well thought out and implemented simply don't get off the ground.
And in most cases is due to advertising costs, but the exposure obtained
through the Internet is quite honestly - pretty awesome, so please study
this article carefully taking all the time you want.
Because the moment you begin participating you will be on track for some
serious financial rewards.
By the very nature of the way the system works you may not see the
benefits the first week.


Please give this some serious thought, because this is one of the few money
making programs that really does work.
But as stated earlier, please use this or a similar article that doesn't
exaggerated claims..... GOOD LUCK!!!