Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Duncan Craig (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 10:40:25 -0800

Ian Tresman wrote:
> "Kevin McCarthy" <> wrote:
> >The Nazi swastica is a reversal of the original jewish symbol, which tracks
> >the movement of the pole star around the north pole. Quite simply, any
> >other speculation is bollocks.
> Do you have a reference for this?
> Ian Tresman
> London, UK
I've run across two portrayals of the swastika, both within a 'T' motif,
and bordered by triangles. The first one is on the floor of a villa in
Jeruselem that is being restored. It dates to the first century and
belongs to one of the four priestly families. The article is from an
issue of 'Archaeology' magazine of last summer. The second example is
from a 1952 issue of 'National Geographic' and shows a Buddhist cave
shrine on Taiwan (Formosa at that time) dating to the tenth century AD.
There, on the wall, is the same complex design and the same triangular
border. Maybe I'm just easily bewildered, but what's going on here?


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