Re: Yuri's Reluctance

August Matthusen (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 21:25:47 -0800

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
> OTOH, if those invitations were made only to point out to me that I'm
> lacking in first-hand experience in archaeological fieldwork, I had no
> reason to reply to them.

Why would you even think that? You offered several comments
suggesting a severe lack of knowledge about field methodology.
People quite generously offered to allow you to learn about field
methods, first hand.

> I never claimed to be a professional
> archaeologist. My main fields of study are ancient history, the history of
> religions and cultures, and historical anthropology, among some others.

The last time I took course work in archaeology, it was
part of the Anthropology department. Cultural anthropology,
historical anthropology, and comparative religions were required
courses for a degree. It would appear that many archaeologists
have been schooled in and are knowledgeable about these subjects,
among some others.

> If some of our archaeologists don't need any insights that can be gained
> from the study of these disciplines, this will only point to their
> shortsightedness.

>From the logic (?) in this paragraph, can we also presume
that the analogous case is true and that if Yuri doesn't
need any insights which can be gained from the study of
the disciplines of archaeology and fieldwork methodology,
this will only point to Yuri's shortsightedness? Or is
such myopia strictly relegated to the domain of others?

August Matthusen