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Michelle Malkin (
Sat, 25 Jan 1997 01:39:17 GMT (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

> (Michelle Malkin) wrote:

>> >i've no doubt that the invitations were made in good faith, but might
>> >they have more diplomatically been made through private email??...the
>> >contentious nature of the newsgroup lends the air of challenge to any
>> >such invitation made here...both the decision and the grounds for
>> >making the decision to accept or not accept such invitation is
>> >nobody's business but yuri' demand that he make public his
>> >answer to a misplaced invitation is an unwarrented intrusion into his
>> >personal affairs...please cease this activity...


>Thanks for pointing out the obvious that is for some reason not obvious to
>a number of people.

>> I doubt that the invitations were misplaced - that is an assumption of
>your own > . > And, after all, Yuri could have called them on it - in
>public. And, I don't > really care what his reasons for not going were -
>that is his business, and I > was only suggesting things he might have
>said to those who invited him. What I > was really curious about was the
>fact that he didn't respond at all. That was > simply rude.

>OK, Michelle,

>So here's my reply.

>If the invitations were made in good faith -- and, considering the
>attitude and the tone of the people who offered me these invitations, I
>had some reasons to doubt it -- then, unfortunately, I must decline with
>many thanks. My plans for the next summer are not yet fully formulated,
>but a number of personal considerations will most likely prevent me from
>making these trips.

>OTOH, if those invitations were made only to point out to me that I'm
>lacking in first-hand experience in archaeological fieldwork, I had no
>reason to reply to them. I never claimed to be a professional
>archaeologist. My main fields of study are ancient history, the history of
>religions and cultures, and historical anthropology, among some others.

>If some of our archaeologists don't need any insights that can be gained
>from the study of these disciplines, this will only point to their

>Best regards,

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Thanks for your reply. Maybe if you all combined your various historical
interests, things would be a lot more peaceful. There's always the possibility
of learning from each other.