Re: milk and human sociobiology

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24 Jan 1997 00:17:05 -0800

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Gerold Firl <> wrote:
>LI individuals have to slaughter their domesticates to gain any
>nutritive value from the animals fodder-conversion abiliity; milk
>drinkers can obtain a continual harvest. Boys among the surma in SW
>Ethiopia still subsist largely on blood and milk from cattle; it's an
>efficient resource-conversion system, which provides benefits to both
>the individual and the larger society. A culture which employs a more
>efficient resource-gathering technology will have a competitive
>advantage over the neighbors.

You're ignoring bacteria-processed dairy products like yogurt and
cheese. Lactose intollerant individuals can consume these quite
easily, since the lactose has already been broken down by bacteria.

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