Ed Conrad (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 09:49:47 GMT

That's right!

As promised a few weeks ago, I reiterate that I will make a


if anyone can produce a posting by Andrew MacRae -- since the time
I first hooked onto the 'Net last March -- in which he stated that he
was a grad student.

Two weeks ago, Henry Barwood insisted I was lying when I said I hadn't
been aware of this and stated with absolute confidence that he would
produce a posting Andrew had made several months ago, in which he
explained ``who and what he was," (not a member of the University of
Calgary faculty).

Then a few days later, Barfwood informed colleagues that, for one
reason or another, he had trouble finding that particular posting and
requested their assistance in locating it.

Anybody have any luck?

I doubt if they'll find it because it simply isn't there.

But IF I am badly mistaken and such a posting can be found, that
public apology will be forthcoming.

To reiterate, the very first I learned Andrew MacRae was not a
full-fledged professor of earth sciences at the University of Calgary
was when Paul Myers, sometime in early December,
requested we not be too harsh on Andrew because, after all, he's
only a grad student.
-- Ed Conrad

P.S. Nowthen, whose opinion would seem more authoritative in answering
the question as to whether some of my specimens, discovered in
Pennsylvania's anthracite region where science insists they could
never be, are petrified bone?

>Andrew MacRae, a grad student without professional expertise
>in histology, who insists the two specimens he had examined
>and tested are NOT bone

-- OR --

>Jeremy Dahl, a longtime professor and bone expert at Yerkes Regional
>Primate Research Center (considered the world's most prestigious laboratory
>of its kind), who stated in writing -- in fact, three times in the same letter -- that
>the specimen he had examined IS indeed bone

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