Re: Yuri's Reluctance

Michelle Malkin (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 03:30:40 GMT

"Paul E. Pettennude" <> wrote:


>Our offer to Yuri was sincere. We were hoping he would treat the
>opportunity as enthusiastically as he does in trying to put our work down.

>None of us is trying to perpetuate a coverup. Just the opposite is true.
>All of us are looking for something which would make our work memorable.
>Meanwhile we just keep plugging along doing the most thorough job we know
>how to do and were trained to do.

>I wanted to show Yuri what it would be like to be on the leading edge of
>archaeology in Mesoamerica, namely the underwater environment as it relates
>to a major Mayan center. Never heard a word. I guess it's better to throw
>darts from afar than be too close to his dart board.


I didn't mean to make it appear that your offers to Yuri weren't sincere. I'm
sure that they were. That's the whole problem. Since your offers were sincere,
why was Yuri so rude as to not even reply to either of you. A simple, "Thanks,
but I can't go at this time" or 'medical problems prevent' or 'no gelt, no go',
would have been enough on his part. A silence like that reflects his own lack
of sincerity. He apparently prefers his armchair to getting his hands dirty (or
wet in this case) on the real thing. Either that or he's afraid of revealing his
actual lack of knowledge. I apologize if I sound nasty, but people like Yuri
make me see red.