Cultural/Linguistic Anthro.-Mandarin Program

Naganadi (
22 Jan 1997 02:12:27 GMT

Dear group,

Please direct all correspondece to Professor Shih (
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please forgive this solicitation, if deemed inappropriate, on my part and
on the behalf of Professor Tim Shih.


Zheijang University, located in Hangzhou where I just paid a visit in
December 1996, has been sponsoring a mandarin learning program for
American students. Zheijiang U. is the fouth largest university in China,
and Hangzhou is considered as the most beautiful place in China.

Upon the program director Professor Xu's request, I am organizing a group
of American students to participate in the program.

1. time period: leaving 3/3/97 - returning 3/31/97

2. cost: $1,900 !!!! covering the round-trip airfare, room nad board,
local transportation, classroom interactive teaching of Chinese, and
sightseeing. (There will be a final examination. You have to stay in
China until you manage to pass it... just kidding :-) ) You will have your
own private room which includes a private bathroom. The food in the
school cafeteria for foriegn guests costs approximately 1/10 of that in
the U.S.. For example, a dish of beef vegetables costs 3.5 RMB ($1 = 8.3

A representative from Zheijiang U. will greet the group at Shanghai

3. Group size: from 5 to 20

4. eligibility: law- abiding American citizens who desire/ need to learn

5. specifc program activities:
You will stay around in Hangzhou city. From Monday to Friday, there will
be four hours of classroom learning every day. A few hours will be
reserved to interact with students on campus. On Saturdays, a tour of
sightseeing to local scenic places will be arranged.

The course will be associated with subjects such as Chinese cooking,
history, geography, and culture. Upon graduation, you will recieve a

6. your Chinese skill upon graduation:
-You can speak and understand basic Chinese conversation.
-You can read and write some simple Chinese characters/ sentences.
-You will know how to advance yourself in learning Chinese on your own.

7. Other things of note:
Medical conditions- Zhejiang U., being the 4th largest U in China, is
affiliated with its own university hospital.

Health requirements/vacinations- none.

entry requirements- U.S. passport and Chinese visa

Recommended amount of spending money- How much souvenir you like to buy.

Application deadline!!!!!-
$200 deposit by 1/31/97. The remainder $1,700 by 2/20/97.
send your check to:
Professor Tim Shih
7708 Leesburg Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

payable to SET

Please direct all further inquiries to:

Professor Tien-Mo (Tim) Shih
7708 Leesburg Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817
telephone: (301)405-5273
fax: (301) 320-0909

Professor Shih is an engineering professor working at the University of
Maryland at College Park, MD ,(301)405- 1000 , since 1978. Professor Shih
is making all of the travel arrangements through his company SET
(Simulation Engineering Tech.). He is very happy to field any questions
for that you may have. Hope to see you there!

All the best,
David Wiggins