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>Toby Cockcroft wrote:

>> There are some fundamental flaws with your argument and questions that need
>> to be addressed.
>> 1) how can a program of RACE mixing exist within an ideology that does not
>> recognise the very notion of RACE. To mix RACES would be to acknowledge
>> their existence and since this isn't the case then how can you continue to
>> perpetrate this falsehood.
> As I keep pointing out, this races don't exist stuff is today's
>Politically Correct line. It is aimed against whites.
> Anthropology is the wholly owned subsidiary of the most Politically
>Correct social science of all, sociology. It gives PC an air of being

Sorry Bob but this isn't an answer to the question that I posed. Try
answering a question directly and not with your tired dogma.

>> 2) What are RACES: what is WHITE and what is BLACK? How can I tell the
>> difference between one and the other? Upon what criteria do make these
>> distinctions; are these criteria legitimate ones and how come?
> To say there is no white race is to admit you are out to destroy it,
>and that is your excuse. <snip>

This is a tautological statement and again you haven't answered the question.

>> 3) Can you formulate a response that does not contain the phrase "Don't
>> worry, I'll keep repeating this until each and every one of you clones has
>> heard it." or something to that effect and if not how come?

no response provided

>> 4) Can you formulate a response that does not rely upon your stock parrot
>> reply, or is your record so badly scratched that you are forever stuck in
>> the same groove?

no response provided

Still awaiting your response.


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