Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

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21 Jan 1997 01:04:28 GMT

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> > Dan Clore said:
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> >}In some traditions the one way is good and the other bad. The pattern
> >}shows up all over the place: in Native American traditions, Hindu,
> >}Buddhist (a sign of a Buddha is being born with the chest hair arranged
> >}as a swastika)...
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> >How much chest hair is the average Bhuddist born with?
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> He did not say Buddhist but Buddha. This is an imaginative picture meant
> to convey non-material truth through symbolic representation. His being
> born with hair indicates his coming into the world with a certain degree
> of high development, not an ordinary human being. The arrangement into
> swastika indicates possibly a specific kind of clairvoyant faculty,
> connected with the so-called lotus blossoms. It could have other meanings

> as well.
> The Philistine needs to learn that there are different kinds of literal
> truth than those that apply only to gross matter. Pictures of this kind
> are meant to enlighten just such folks, all of us really, if they will
> only open their eyes and minds to new possibilities.
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