Lies, censorship and PC

Sun, 19 Jan 97 16:22:57 GMT

Here's a copy of the e-mail that I've sent to "Feedback". If you
want to tag along, the e-address is:

" There has, of late, been a lively correspondence on the 'Net apropos
Dr. Chris Brand, lecturer at Edinburgh University, whose work on racial
matters joins a steadily growing corpus which challenges the orthodoxy of
racial equality. Sadly, his book on the subject, "The g Factor", was withdrawn
by the publishers Wiley, in 1996, following pressure from a politically
correct Establishment.
Given both the amount of correspondence engendered and the general
agreement among correspondents that his work should not have been censored, it
seems befitting the BBC's role, as a public service, that it bring Dr. Brand
to the attention of a wider public, by inviting his participation in its own
discussion programmes, not least for reasons of diversity.
The BBC's own lack of balance in certain areas causes me to write
regularly to programmes like "Woman's Hour", as on 28.7.1996 and 20.8.1996,
both times regarding the uncritical airing of reports from The Commission For
Racial Equality, bemoaning racial inequalities in such matters as academic
under-achievement, welfare dependency and crime statistics. The facile
consensus invariably arrived at on these occasions, namely, that Whites'
"racism" is the problem, is no substitute for informed debate.
Yours faithfully,

Duncan MacMillan."

D. MacMillan