Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

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>|The fyflot is Germanic in origin. It is the name of the rune stave that
>|the swastika comes from. If you trace the linguistic history of the Celtic
>|language, it can be traced to central Asia. So with this in mind, The
>|swastika would have been brought to North America during one of the several
>|migrations over the Bering Land Bridge. The commonality could be that the
>|swastika originated in the cental Asian Highlands and spread to India, the
>|orient, to the Germanic peoples, and the Celts. It is possible that it was
>|even spread by Celtic groups as they migrated west. There is a book that I
>|read in my college library that traced the linguistic history of the Celts.
>| It is interesting reading to anyone interested in learning about the
>|influence of the Celtic peoples on the world.

What is the title/author of the book and is it still in print?

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