Re: Advice on Levi-Strauss Works
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 11:55:52 CDT


before delving into LS unprepared, I would suggest reading
through two works that act as a sort of introduction, to make the landing

The first is a translation (assuming you do not read Spanish) of _Claude
Levi-Strauss: An Introduction_ by Octavio Paz (Cornell 1970, or Dell 1974.)

The other is _The Foundations of Structuralism: A Critique of LS and the
Structuralist Movement_ by Simon Clarke (Barnes and Noble, 1981.)

If I was to begin from scratch reading and trying to understand LS, I
would begin with _Tristes Tropiques_, which contains plenty of
autobiographical material, and written in a conversational style easy to

Have Fun
RD Milhollin
Arlington Texas

( On 8 Jan 1997, Randall E.
Robie wrote:

> I would like to familiarize myself with the work of Claude
> Levi-Strauss. Can anyone recommend 2 or 3 of his most
> representative and most intellectually accessible books for a
> neophyte like myself?
> Thanks in advance.
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